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We utilize the services of multiple cloud infrastructure providers to offer a truly global solution. Enjoy top-quality, super-fast web hosting no matter where you or your customers are based.


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Our hosting support team is always available to help.

The Geekpoint engineers are available 24/7 to discuss your requirements and suggest the best solution for you.

We will never sell you something you do not need, and all consultants are also support technicians so will be able to understand your requirements and explain your options.

Frequently asked questions

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is a service which provides space on a server connected to the internet in a datacenter. Uploading or creating your website on web hosting is what allows people around the world to visit your site on the internet.

The Geekpoint makes this process very straightforward, and very cost-effective. From just a few pounds a month, we provide a web hosting service for your website and emails, powered by the industry leading and easy to use cPanel control panel. This puts everything you need at your fingertips – whether you’re uploading a new logo image for your website or creating a new mailbox or email forwarder.

Do I need to have technical website development or server administration experience?

Everything we sell is designed so you do not need to have any prior technical experience or knowledge.

In terms of server management, we take care of it all. Whether you take our smallest web hosting plan, agency hosting or if you go for a dedicated server, the systems are fully managed. Ultimately we manage everything up to your website.

You may choose to use a web developer or designer to build your website. They will be happy to use The Geekpoint also. But this is not needed. We offer over 300 different website builder applications you can auto-install to build a site yourself. By far the most popular is WordPress, which powers over 35% of websites online and runs perfectly on The Geekpoint.

How long does my web hosting package take to setup?

Set up with The Geekpoint is near-instant, and after ordering you should receive your welcome details within just a few minutes. This contains your hosting control panel (cPanel) details as well as other basic set up information such as nameservers for pointing your domain to The Geekpoint.

If you have ordered a domain name with The Geekpoint it will be registered immediately and will start working as soon as DNS has propagated (usually a few minutes, but sometimes can take a couple of hours). If you have a domain elsewhere you just need to change the nameservers on your domain with your domain registrar to point to The Geekpoint. Instructions for this will be in your welcome email but if there’s any problems or confusion at all please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

How can The Geekpoint be so generous with resource limits?

On our web hosting plans we offer really high resource limits. This applies to disk space as well as bandwidth. On some packages we do not have any limits whatsoever.

There are three reasons for this.

First, we have invested a lot in our technology setup and designed it to scale. That means that we automate a lot of server configuration and management, reducing our overheads. Every single server we run for instance (thousands) is identically configured. That saving we pass on to you.

Second, because we are cloud-based we can keep increasing resources. If a server is running out of physical disk space, we can attach new storage volumes.

Third, it’s generally simpler. We operate at such scale that we have enormous bandwidth commitments we can pass on. Provided that you use your web hosting for hosting websites and emails (and not, say, for backup storage) we will not limit your usage.

Are there any restrictions about what I cannot host?

As long as your content is legal under UK and US law (as well as the jurisdiction where you choose your web hosting) we will not restrict content.

Our services are designed for hosting websites and email only.

Specifically, you cannot use our hosting for:

We specifically do not allow

  • video “tube” sites (adult or otherwise)
  • file or cloud backup services
  • cryptography miners
  • file sharing
  • any directories of copyrighted content

Feel free to raise a live chat with one of our representatives if you are unsure and we can happily assist.

Does The Geekpoint offer 24/7 technical support?

The Geekpoint is a 24/7 company which means we can offer true round-the-clock support on live chat, tickets and by telephone.

Our teams operate in multiple locations around the world (UK, Poland, Singapore ) which gives us full coverage across 24 hours of the day. None of our staff need to work night shifts — you will be speaking to a support engineer who is wide awake and excited to help!

Can The Geekpoint migrate my existing websites for me?

Yes. We have a dedicated migrations team who will move your websites from your existing provider to The Geekpoint.

We would need access to your old hosting provider.

Once you have placed an order for the hosting, please open a migration ticket in our client area.

How can I see my server information?

Once your account is set up, you will receive a welcome email with all of the necessary info to get you started. This includes your server hostname, IP address, username and the password to your control panel. You can also log straight in to the control panel through your The Geekpoint client area.

If you register a domain name with us it will automatically point to your hosting plan. If you register one elsewhere, we will include the DNS records or nameservers you need to set to point that domain to your new The Geekpoint hosting package.

You can also see your server’s IP address in cPanel on the right side under the general information tab.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan?

Yes. It is straightforward to upgrade and or downgrade. Please just let our support team know, or request the upgrade through the system.

For upgrades, we will pro rata charge you the cost for the upgrade until the end of your current billing term.

For downgrades, we can downgrade you at the end of your term. We do not pro rata credit back for downgrades part way through your billing cycle.

How do I login to my Cpanel?

We provide several methods of accessing your hosting control panel.

If you have the username and password and if you wish to login via a direct URL you can do so by using the server hostname and adding ‘/cpanel’ at the end of it. You can find the server hostname in the welcome email we have sent you with the initial order.

This method would also work with your domain name, for example as long as it is pointed to your server with us.

Additionally, you can use the auto-login feature through your The Geekpoint client area. For this once logged in navigate to My Services > Hosting Accounts > Click on your hosting account and where under Quick Login you will find the button to access your cPanel dashboard.

Our support team remains available should you encounter any issues along the way!

Can I change the main domain of my hosting account?

The primary domain name in cPanel takes a central part of the account structure.

We can change it for you, however keep in mind that the following services will be modified as a result: emails, website files, FTP accounts, DNS records, and subdomains.

The new domain name cannot already exist on the server.

If you wish to change the main domain, you can get in touch with us via a support ticket and we will happily assist.

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