Website migration at no extra charge



Prompt Action

Without extended waits or unclear forecasts. We typically initiate the migration process immediately or align with your schedule.

Unlimited Migrations

Apply for any number of migrations whenever you feel like it. We can transfer a few of your sites now, and more in six months if that's your preference.

No Interruptions

We have the capability to transfer sites without any interruptions. We make sure that sites are operational on our systems before updating the DNS.

Emails Incorporated

We can execute IMAP transfers for your mailboxes to shift emails and their content.

Automatic transfers from cPanel

If you're using a cPanel/WHM hosting, we can bulk transfer your sites utilizing the backup and restore function in cPanel.

Preview links available

We can supply preview links, allowing you to test your website before redirecting it to our systems.

Support for all hosting providers

We can facilitate migration from any hosting provider to which we have access. Alternatively, you can supply us with a backup of files and databases.

Committed team

Our migration experts are specialists with extensive experience in transferring websites. Their sole focus is on moving sites to our platform. On certain days, we might handle hundreds of such transfers.

How the website transfer process works

Our professionals are on hand 24/7 to conduct migrations for you. We’ve transferred tens of thousands of websites from other hosting providers to The Geekpoint. You can request any number of migrations, at any frequency and at any time. We typically start right away.

Place an order

The initial step is to submit an order for your new hosting plan via our website. This applies to any of our packages. If you’re uncertain about which package to select, consult with our support team.



Request the transfer

Transfer requests can be placed securely through your client dashboard with us, available after setting up an account. You select the package to which you’d like to move the website, and then provide any pertinent information about the site and any specific requirements for the transfer (if there are any).

We’ll require access details to your present host (see the specifics below about what we need). The transfer request initiates a conversation with an agent, so we’ll inquire if further details are required.

Preview and finalize

Depending on the type of transfer you’ve requested, we might offer you a preview link to test the site. Once you’re satisfied with the migration, either you or we can update the nameservers or DNS for your domain to point to the new server.

Our standard nameservers are:

These are functional for all our shared, agency, and dedicated servers – as part of our global Anycast DNS cluster. We can also supply whitelabel nameservers and bespoke nameservers for agencies.


Agency & bulk transfers

If you’re moving multiple sites, for instance, an entire agency account from another provider, we can execute bulk transfers.

Transferring numerous cPanel accounts

If you’re managing several cPanel accounts, you probably have WHM (Web Host Manager) access. This access might be as an agency or as the main administrator (root). In either scenario, the most efficient way for us to transfer sites is to create cPanel backups and restore them on our servers. This maintains the folder hierarchy, emails, FTP accounts, and so forth. A cPanel backup generates a single .tar.gz backup file which we can then restore on our platform.

If you possess root access to your present system, we can use it to remotely copy all accounts automatically. But, in most situations, you’ll likely only have agency WHM access. For this, we can orchestrate a remote transfer using the cPanel API.

If that doesn’t succeed, we can backup each cPanel individually and transfer it.

We’d recommend conducting all transfers from one agency account in one batch. However, you can give us a list of usernames for individual transfers.

E-Commerce transfers

Online store transactional data is housed within a database.

As part of our website transfer service, we need to clone this database and integrate it into a new environment.

Transaction data for e-commerce sites is saved in a database. Throughout the website transfer, it’s essential for us to replicate this database and transition it into our system. If, during the transfer phase, an order is placed on the current site, there’s a chance the cloned database might omit that particular order.

This represents one of the numerous sensitive aspects that make transferring e-commerce sites (utilizing software such as Magento, WooCommerce, OpenCart, and Prestashop) more intricate compared to static sites. Additional challenges comprise IP permissions for payment portals and obtaining PCI compliance if card data is being accepted or stored.

E-commerce site transfers, typically transitioning to our Premium or individualized server packages, are undertaken with enhanced diligence. We have various strategies to ensure no transactional data slips through during the transfer, even amidst DNS propagation. Our dedicated transfer team is equipped to manage this seamlessly for you – just highlight that you possess a transactional e-commerce site when requesting the migration.

Frequently asked questions

Can you migrate from custom control panels (not cPanel)?
Yes we can migrate from any web hosting provider where we have access. We migrate from many custom providers including 20i, Tsohost, Dreamhost, Ionos & more.
How quickly can you migrate a website?
We can usually start straight away, however if there is a larger volume of requests or your previous host has a very slow server, it may take some time. If you need a migration done at a specific time please schedule it with us at least 24h before.
What details do you need?
We’ll need access to your existing hosting control panel, and/or FTP access to access your site files. To migrate emails from platforms other than cPanel, you’ll need the existing mailbox passwords so we can initiate an IMAP copy.
Can I see the site before I switch over?
Yes, we’ll give you a couple of different ways of previewing/testing the site before changing over the nameservers to point to us. This gives you the chance to see if everything is working OK or if something doesn’t look quite right on the migrated site. Don’t panic if it doesn’t look 100% – our migrations team will fix any issues you might find.
Will my site or emails go down?
The answer to this is no – your website and emails will not go down during the migration process. The site will remain accessible at your current host until the site is migrated, and then we’ll change the nameservers over to point to us. At no point will the site be down or inaccessible.
What do I do once the migration is complete?
Once the migration is finalized, we’ll notify you that it’s time to modify the nameservers. If the domain has been transferred to us, we can handle this change on your behalf. Once you’re confident everything has transitioned smoothly and the site operates flawlessly, you can terminate your agreement with your former provider. You are now fully operational with The Geekpoint!

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