Our Innovative Systems & Network Integration

Design. Optimize. Duplicate.

Each of “The Geekpoint”‘s multiple server nodes is uniformly set up to ensure uniformity, then overseen and tracked using contemporary development tools such as Terraform and Ansible. This enables us to operate a diverse, redundant, fully-managed hosting framework without any technical concerns or overheads.

Mirroring best practices is our way of valuing excellence. Our servers maintain a consistent configuration and are managed from a central point. When an adjustment is made to enhance efficiency or bolster compatibility, it is universally applied (post-evaluation) across our entire infrastructure.

Platform Neutral

"The Geekpoint" operates on public cloud infrastructures, efficiently utilizing networks such as Google and Amazon. When necessary, we have the capability to extend our services to almost any network provider possessing an API.

Our administrative instruments are distributed across diverse geographical points, optimizing our ability to seamlessly manage our systems.

Automated Setup Process

At "The Geekpoint", Ansible is our tool of choice for centralized management of our server configurations. As soon as a server comes online, its specifications are relayed to Ansible, ensuring a standardized setup. From fortifying security measures to setting up email protocols, every server we activate benefits from a meticulously curated and automatically enforced configuration.

Code-Driven Infrastructure

Every server we deploy is initially outlined using a terraform configuration. This method not only facilitates rapid provisioning on a myriad of cloud platforms but also enables automated setup for diverse necessities (such as licenses, DNS settings, and more), eliminating the need for manual oversight.

Hardware Upgrades

"The Geekpoint" ensures the infrastructure remains cutting-edge by periodically updating and replacing underlying systems, all while minimizing any disruptions to websites. Rest assured, you won't be stranded on outdated systems years down the line nor will you have to navigate perplexing server shifts and nameserver modifications.

Purely Public Cloud

At “The Geekpoint”, we harness the capabilities of worldwide public cloud providers. This approach carries significant implications: we utilize their framework to implement our software solutions, our attention is centered on the hosting ambiance and configurations rather than hardware nuances, and this strategy virtually eradicates potential failure points in our services.

Leveraging Multi-Billion Networks

Providers like Google and Amazon channel billions into refining their networks, creating a scale and quality that standalone website hosts can't rival. As these tech giants roll out innovative features or establish new regions, "The Geekpoint" is primed to immediately harness these enhancements.

Seamless Hardware Contingency

Should any complications arise, your websites are seamlessly transitioned to alternative systems, ensuring uninterrupted operation. Traditional web servers may falter with issues like a malfunctioning disk, leading to reduced performance or data loss. With "The Geekpoint" and our chosen providers, such scenarios are effectively bypassed.


Adjust, restart, modify, or restore without any operational interruptions. Based on the capabilities of our foundational providers, "The Geekpoint" has the capacity to enhance systems seamlessly, ensuring continuous uptime.

Completely Handled

At "The Geekpoint", we shoulder the responsibility of comprehensive server management, offering you a user-friendly cPanel hosting interface in return. Experience all the perks of the public cloud without any of the complexities. There's no need for individual accounts with cloud providers on your end.

Green Web Hosting
Beyond Carbon Neutral Hosting

Computers that are perpetually active undeniably consume considerable energy. Data centers demand extensive power supply, followed by cooling mechanisms to prevent server overheating.

At “The Geekpoint”, we prioritize eco-responsibility. Our providers predominantly utilize renewable energy sources, and we go a step further by offsetting carbon emissions fourfold compared to the scenario where they wouldn’t.

In essence, with every batch of 10 new clients, we contribute to planting a tree!

Detailed computations and insights about our providers can be found on our ‘Eco Commitment’ page.

Platform Specifics

At “The Geekpoint”, our dedication to crafting superior hosting environments remains uncompromised. Our infrastructure operates on a unique arrangement. Our cPanel hosting emphasizes establishing premier large-scale and exclusive website hosting scenarios using the renowned cPanel control panel – an apt choice for hosting diverse websites.

cPanel Hosting

At “The Geekpoint”, our cPanel framework powers our web hosting, agency hosting, and dedicated servers. We manage and maintain thousands of cPanel servers for optimal performance.

Tools & Software

We equip all our shared and agency hosting accounts with the cPanel control panel. Recognized globally as the premier hosting control panel, cPanel offers an intuitive interface that simplifies the management of your hosting ecosystem – be it setting up emails, transferring files, installing applications, or other tasks.

In addition to cPanel, we also incorporate tools like Softaculous, Imunify360, and Spamxperts for a comprehensive hosting experience.

cPanel & WHM

cPanel stands out as the global frontrunner among hosting control panels. WHM, on the other hand, serves as a reseller interface that empowers resellers and server clients to generate multiple cPanel accounts for streamlined management.

Softaculous Auto-Instalator

With the premium Softaculous auto-installer, install over 300 software applications effortlessly. Explore software ranging from WordPress to Joomla to PHPBB and deploy with just a single click.


We scrutinize every email that enters or departs from our systems. All outgoing mail is relayed through external providers. This approach ensures that you never encounter blacklisting challenges when dispatching emails to external accounts.


In tandem with Spam Experts, MailChannels offers us an added layer of reliability, ensuring uninterrupted outbound email deliverability.


Imunify360 actively guards against malware and viruses on websites, ensuring a secure online environment.

Cloudflare CDN

cPanel is seamlessly integrated with Cloudflare, allowing you to manage your CDN directly from your control panel.

PHP selector

Select from both the most recent and previous versions of PHP. Even the older versions, dating back to 5.2, are updated and fortified for security. Legacy support is provided at no additional cost.


The WordPress command line interface is accessible on all our systems, enabling you to manage your WordPress sites without the need for a web browser.


We conduct backups twice daily to remote servers. With Jetbackup, you can easily browse, download, and reinstate backups directly from your control panel.

AutoSSL / LetsEncrypt

Every active domain or subdomain is automatically provisioned with SSL. Depending on issuance times, we utilize either LetsEncrypt or Comodo.


An intuitive drag-and-drop website builder for effortless site creation.

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