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Launch your website today. The Geekpoint Superfast cPanel Hosting includes everything you need to run your own website and email.


Unlimited, scalable and cheapest cloud hosting tailored to everyone’s needs


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Why choose The Geekpoint for Website Hosting?

 cPanel is the industry standard control panel. At The Geekpoint we developed the ultimate cPanel hosting platform: fast, secure and easy to use.

cPanel with CloudLinux

Up to 4GB RAM per cPanel account with CloudLinux, which lets you run PHP versions from PHP 5.2 all the way to 8.0!

Jetbackup Included

Browse, restore and download backups by using the Jetbackup tool right in your cPanel control panel.

Unlimited free SSLs

SSl certificates for every domain and subdomain you add to your control panel.

WordPress autoinstaller

Install and manage WordPress and 300+ other applications directly in cPanel, using Softaculous.

Superfast NvME servers

We run the latest and greatest cloud servers, with high performance NvME disks. Because we are 100% cloud we can keep upgrading your site to the latest hardware without disruption.

Unlimited resources

Our systems are infinitely scalable - you can keep upgrading as you need more resources, and we can even help you as you grow onto dedicated servers too.

Web Hosting features

 We built the best cPanel web hosting platform possible. We have included everything you need to run your website and emails.

Instant WordPress

Select WordPress or 300 other applications to install in one click. We partner with Softaculous to always offer the latest versions.

Unlimited free SSLs

Automatic free SSL certificates are included for every domain and subdomain as standard. Or install your own at no extra cost.

Free migrations

Our expert migrations team will move in your website(s) to our platform from your current provider. No limit, and we can move emails too.

Twice-daily offsite backups

Backups every 12 hours stored offsite, so you can rely on us if you make a mistake or want to roll-back.

Unlimited bandwidth

No transfer worries or slow network speeds. Every server has a 1000mbit/sec connection. We won’t limit your bandwidth or cap you.

cPanel control panel

The industry’s best control panel – modern and packed with features. Manage your cPanel hosting from the powerful industry standard dashboard.

LiteSpeed webserver

The incredibly fast LiteSpeed web server for running websites at top speed. Supports the WordPress LiteSpeed plugin.

Cloudlinux OS

The leading operating system for secure, reliable web hosting. It helps protect your site from other broken websites.

20+ global locations

Deploy your account account in one of our global locations. We leverage cloud providers such as Google Compute, Azure and AWS for our network & hardware.

100% cloud based

Our underlying infrastructure always updates, so you’ll never be stuck on legacy hardware, or suffer because of a faulty disk.

Live migrations

Upgrade/downgrade at any time, or move to your own cloud server with the migration taken care of by us.

Cloudflare CDN

Enable Cloudflare in one-click to use their free global CDN and caching features

Infinitely scalable

Upgrade/downgrade at any time, moving between packages, providers and even across the world in just a few clicks.

Always new hardware

Because we host you in the Cloud, you’ll always be on the latest hardware. No failing disks or slugging performance.

Instant setup

We can provision and change servers instantly, so any request for a new hosting account or change with us happens right away.


Imunify360 malware protection is included as standard on all systems. This scans for malware and can auto-fix.

PCI compliance

Our hosting is fully PCI compliant, and our engineers will help you with your compliance tests.


Protect against attack and malicious users with our advanced security firewall.

Spam protection

We run advanced spam scanning systems on both outbound and inbound mail, stopping spam from coming in, but also protecting your mail reputation.

Live kernel updates

Server security starts with the kernel. We automatically patch and have no old ‘legacy’ systems.

One-click WordPress

Install WordPress in one-click through Softaculous. You can be up and running in seconds.

MariaDB / MySQL databases

We provide MariaDB/MySQL as standard with all plans. There is no limit to the number of databases you can create.

24/7 technical support

Tap into our 24/7 experienced support whenever you need it. Chat with us online, send an email ( or a ticket from your customer panel.

Free migrations

A fully free managed migration service when moving to us, managed and handled by our in-house specialist migrations team.

Fully managed

Everything we offer requires zero technical experience. Our brilliant systems team manage everything.

Instant response

Our live chat system will get you through to an engineer immediately, whatever time of day.

One-click software installs

Automatic software installs for most major software including WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal, WHMCS, Laravel, and 300 others. We use the Softaculous auto-installer, which always provides the latest stable version.

Domain and DNS management

Manage DNS zones in cPanel in order to set A, MX, CNAME, TXT and other records. Wizards are available for SPF and DKIM records too.


We provide MariaDB/MySQL as standard with all plans. There is no limit to the number of databases you can create.

PHP version support

Multiple PHP versions supported – choose a specific version from PHP 5 through to the latest PHP Version.

Other languages supported

Through mod_passenger, we can also offer support for Ruby, Python and Node on our shared cPanel hosting.

SSH access

Perfect for developers, access your hosting space with SSH. Run commands, manipulate files and manage other aspects of your hosting environment through the command line shell. You can even synchronise with externally hosted Git repositories (e.g. Github).

The Geekpoint hosting platform is built for speed, scale and reliability. We have optimised a website hosting environment that we deploy to global cloud providers. We use the latest DevOps tools like Ansible and Terraform to automate and perfect our technical stack; meaning we can keep our quality sky-high, while our prices remain low.

The Geekopint hosting is built on top of the latest and greatest public cloud infrastructure. We use providers such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and DigitalOcean to bring you all the benefits of global cloud, while providing a fully managed web hosting environment that can be used without any technical experience..

We automatically add extra capacity to our platform well in advance of it being required. Because of the huge scale of the providers we use, there is essentially no limit to the storage we can add.

To provide superior performance, we only ever use solid-state drives.

Cloudlinux OS & a note on limits

Cloudlinux OS is a fork of the Linux operating system, that allows us to secure and enhance your hosting environment. Among its many benefits, it lets us customise your PHP configuration (you have these options in cPanel), and set limits for websites on shared hosting so that they can’t spike and affect other users.

At The Geekpoint we think limits should be there to stop broken sites, not to restrict what you are able to do.

Our default limits are set sensibly high and can be customised from the PHP Selector button in cPanel. If you don’t see a setting you need, just ask – every tweak improves our platform for everyone!

Custom DNS management

Manage your domain DNS settings within cPanel and push them instantly to our anycast cluster. Full record support including A, CNAME, TXT, MX, SPF, SRV, DMARC and much more within a few clicks.

Our Anycast DNS system runs on Amazon Web Services.


Access emails on the go using our inbuilt webmail client. Allow staff to have their own direct access.

Full POP/IMAP access

Connect any desktop or mobile email client using full POP and IMAP connectivity.

Spam filtering

All plans include unlimited email accounts for every domain and alias; email forwarders; domain forwarders and catch-all email addresses. You can connect to your emails using a standard POP3/IMAP connection on a mobile or desktop mail client, or use our webmail access (Roundcube, Squirrelmail or Horde).

All incoming mail is scanned for spam. We also scan outgoing mail and send the messages through mail partners, which ensures mail deliverability of all messages.

Our hosting support team is always available to help.

The Geekpoint engineers are available 24/7 to discuss your requirements and suggest the best solution for you.

We will never sell you something you do not need, and all consultants are also support technicians so will be able to understand your requirements and explain your options.

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